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Long time account log off... any losses?

hello members.
i just want something…
my account is 2 and half year old but i was on long vacation and not log in acccount almost 1 year…
now i open this account and start activities but order is NILL/NILL
should i make a new account or continue this?

It won’t make any difference. What will make a difference is if you can make gigs people want.

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It will take time before your gig starts getting impressions, views, clicks. I will advice you tweak your gig. Hope that works. Goodluck

You can only have 1 account, so best to use that one.

is edit gigs gud option or delete old and make new gigs is best option???

you’d better create some new fresh gigs that people want, wish you all the luck.

According to my View , you should use your 2 and half year old profile , and make new gigs in which ,you can show your talent. i think that you will get order soon as older profile get good reputation in front of new seller. Good luck !!

Stick with the old account, just edit your gig . Even if it is still the same service, a little touch will make it look fresh and don’t wait for traffic to come, start using buyers request as needed.

I agree, stick to the old account, but make sure you update all your gigs.

Well i am also create fiverr account in May 2014 But now at January 2016 i check my fiverr account i don’t get any order in this period then i tired again to continue now i complete my first order of 20$

I think you continue your current accounts if its working fine