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Long time accounts with zero activity - Suggestion

If your account is active (no out of office mode, no availability setting) but you haven’t logged in for 5 years, then a message should be emailed to you by Fiverr asking you to either deactive your account, show some activity or you will lose your money because your account will be deleted, with a 90 days withdraw of revenues time limit.

Shame that happens to long time idle bank accounts.

That way, you minimize the shuffle that happens for active sellers in your search engine. I don’t know if that works and if it is clear to you.


I personally disagree.

If I was a seller on Fiverr who decided to take a break (maybe to get an office job or take care of something else), and then I decided to come back 5 years later, I wouldn’t want to end up with a deactivated account or lose part of my earnings.

For people who haven’t logged in for a while, I believe Fiverr ranks their gigs pretty low, so I’ll be harder to find them.


I think they do it already. They don’t delete the account though. They pause such gigs so… basically the same effect!?


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