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Long time buyer turns seller - Introduction

Hello everyone.
I was on Fiverr for 3 or even more years only as a buyer. Last year I had so many bad experiences on Fiverr, lost 200$ and more in a month on the sellers that did not deliver what I paid for. I asked for a refund but they took the route of sending me messages all over begging me not to cancel their order because it is just 5 or just 20$. I fully respect someone’s situation and poverty but I still have to work to get those 20$ I wasted on you. Since I do donations I just treated that money as a donation and continue with my life until I was contacted by a couple of sellers who openly steal money from Fiverr users just because of their lack of knowledge on how to use the internet. I was angry and decided I am going to start my own GIGs, charge 5$ for a job I normally ask much much more and I would put it on my calendar as “PRO BONO” work.
I have a masters degree, I am professional in my field of work with over 14 years of experience. I created and developed full company ISO documentation, internal auditor, developer and lead consultant in maritime, offshore, diving, lifting and information technology for e-learning to graphic design.
Due to COVID-2019, I am in quarantine with all my IT equipment and Softwares and companies I usually work are closed so I decided to see how can I help Fiverr buyers in this time of needs.
I hope I do not offend anyone with my honesty, but honesty is the best policy.
Take care.
Best regards,


Welcome to the fiverr seller community @marinapomorac its a pleasure to have you here! You seem to have a solid plan in place alongside a great understanding of what a customer expects. Good luck and have fun :grinning::+1:

Hello @marinapomorac Hey move from the past!
Some bad experience gathers a Good experience!
I hope these time you will have a great experience this time…

pray for me too I am trying too:)
Best Regards<3

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TODAY IT HAPPENED!! For the first time since I am on Fiverr as a seller, I was approached by some seller who, I do not know, thinks I do not know how to use the search feature or click on links, maybe?

Interesting first-time experience.
To summarize, he wanted me to create OBS stream layout and help him set up stream while one of his gigs as the seller is how to make money on live streams and how to set them up.

And now I have another message from another “buyer” too. In two months, I didn’t have this many in this short period of time. Something is happening.