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Long time no order complain must read

hello dear community…
I have some thing important to share for those complaining about less orders.
" the more you stay online “remember really online” the more your profile get ranks. keep updating your profile portfolios keep learning beside remaining online …


Thanks for your advice.

No. Why are you giving advice which seems to didn’t even work for you ? If just being online is all you needed to get order, I would have gotten hundreds of reviews by now :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, I did the same Blender tutorials you did! This was my result for the doughnut :slight_smile:


dear I rarely stay online as doing fiverr as a part time … when ever I need order I keep online and get orders

:laughing: waaww super… @miss_maria1 you are here since 2016. and you got 7 reviews… congrats