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Long time no order


Long time I did no get any order. I have done my last order about 18 days ago. I’m worry about it.
Support me please, brothers.


same here bro . no orders


same here dude :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Same here:relieved::relieved:



Thanks brother. It is very helpful for me, thanks again.


share you gigs on social media platforms ,apply to buyers request never give up you’ll receive your order very soon


Thanks brother. thanks for your advice.




Yes, don’t give up. Do your best. Good luck bro…!!!


Now everybody getting very low quantity of order i think the reason is fiverr have changed rules


Buyers have not gone anywhere. They just found other sellers.


But many sellers are saying they are not getting any order


same problem :disappointed_relieved:


Do you think sellers who are getting orders are posting here?


I’m curious what have you been doing in those 18 long days? :thinking: Are you just sitting on your :raised_hands: hands waiting for buyers to come knocking on your :door:? Learn how to hustle, be a hustler! Line up other streams of income!


in what ways? if he doesn’t have any buyer request! and i am worried too if he is a new seller! there is a very few opportunity to get buyer request!


It’s not my job to tell him what he needs to do. Relying on BR to get sales is not wise.

Tips for sellers is littered with hundreds of helpful posts. I’m for being proactive!


obviously you are not…! but you done it anyway! like a link tips-for-sellers :slight_smile:


Cheers! :tropical_drink:

You should totally share your expertise with OP! Yes, no, maybe?