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Long-Time Seller Feels Like He is in a Rut


Hey guys,

I was hoping some of those that are wiser than I could take a look at my gig(s) and show me where I have gone astray with gig design.

I have been selling on Fiverr for, I believe, five years now. I have consistently had great reviews (minus exactly one), I have had periods of moderate success. Now that I have graduated college and started a business I would love to fully incorporate fiverr into my daily workflow, but I’m not sure how to get over that hump of a-few-orders-a-week to consistent work.

Thank you all for your time. I have been a long time believer in fiverr and the doerr movement. I want to be a doerr success story! Please help me get there.




Honestly? I want to now how to get more gigs per week too. Will follow this post.


Sounds good to me. Hopefully someone will share the wisdom to help us both.


I had a look at your gig, I am not an expert but this is what I think! You need to change your gig pictures, the one that looks like an eye is very creepy. What other skills do you have? I see that you are a good poet, maybe try branching of into another aspect of writing, something that is in more demand. You created a new article writing gig, try to promote that one as it might sell well, even though that category is getting over saturated. I would recommend adding a gig video but based of my experience I can’t prove that it works.


Thank you so much for your quick reply. I have considered adding videos for a while now, I guess in the least it is worth a shot. But, after observing many of my peers I’m not sure how effective videos are. Fiverr has long claimed a 30% increase in traffic. Guess it is time to try that out. As for our logo, changing that would mean swallowing years of designing and redesign, and team votes, and artists hired etc. But I can consider returning it to one of my headshots if personal pictures have a positive affect on click rates.

  1. Which gigs are the most marketable? (how many people would order your gig, and why?)
  2. Your article and blog writing gig only talks about you - not what you can do for the buyer. (There is no info about how the buyer might benefit from your gig. Put another way: if you can’t convince the buyer what you can do - to “sell” yourself -why would the buyer think you could write a blog or article that could “sell” or enhance their blog or website?)
  3. There is no guarantee of original work by you (writing blog again), which is essential to those who have blogs or websites. You might also list specialty topics you already know to write about, and offer to do research on others, and list things you won’t do (nicely of course).
  4. I didn’t look much at the other gigs - because I wouldn’t know what those buyers might be looking for - sorry!
  5. I was confused by so many people as "the seller"and who did what.
  6. The logo is really depressing and odd. You could get a much better, more positive logo on Fiverr for $30 or less. (Just sayin’).

I said all of these things to be helpful, and I hope your are receiving/interpreting it that way!!! :relieved:


Thank you! I really do appreciate the feedback and will be immediately implementing many of your suggestions.


In response to point A)

Our Custom Music gig has been the most marketable of late. We average a few hundred click throughs weekly, and held a pretty great conversion rate through the holidays. Updated the profile and have seen an increase in clicks but a decrease in conversions. I was wondering if this was possibly because we were fielding more custom offers than gig orders.

My previous best seller was a flyer distribution gig on Yale’s campus. But, having graduated and move away, I cannot offer this service any longer.


I guess the custom music gig is the “custom gig”?
There is really nothing to click on to read… only to request a “custom order”, right?
I didn’t click on it… to see what came up… but do you give instructions there?
Again, I can’t comment on its value, because it is not something that I could use.

Your other gigs - are you describing ways in which they might help a buyer? Letting them know different ways the gigs might be used? (Sometimes buyers don’t know what might be helpful for them - sellers have to educate the buyers!)


No, I was referring to the custom orders sellers are able to offer customers who message them to negotiate gigs. In addition to the Content Writing Gig, I have a Custom Song Gig, a Custom Poem Gig, and Spoken Word gig and a mixing and mastering gig.

I’ll keep in mind that I need to educate the buyer on what they need. That’s very true from what I’ve learned of marketing and will definitely be implementing that in my strategy going forward.