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Long time TRS VO Seller, Fairly New Forum Member

Hey Fiverr Friends!

My name is Wayne and after lurking for a while, I wanted to introduce myself! I am a Top Rated Seller in the VO category and have been full time here on Fiverr since Jan '17. Freelancing on Fiverr has positively changed my life in so many ways, not only financially, but most importantly, Fiverr enables me to enjoy life and to do the things I want to do. I no longer work a 40 hour full time job and instead spend time with my family, exercise and pursue lots of creative endeavors.

But what I’ve come to realize after 3 years, is that online Freelancing can be difficult, especially in regards to socialization. So one of my 2020 Resolutions (ha, I know I’m running a little late) is to participate more here in the Fiverr Community, share some of my insight as a Seller and hopefully help some people with their Fiverr Journeys!

Lastly, I love talking VO and Fiverr strategies and have already connected with so many other great VO talents here on the platform. If you are a VO Seller, I’d love to connect with you!

Thanks and I look forward to contributing to the forum!



Welcome to the Forum!
Please Wish me luck as well. I have just posted my first gig.


Congrats and good luck on your Fiverr Journey!


Hi Wayne,

I love your work. I’m subscribed to your YT Channel too :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey Wayne, welcome to the forum and congratulations on a successful 3 years on Fiverr! :grin:


Thanks so much! I’m hoping to upload videos on a regular basis moving forward!

Thanks you! Glad to be here!

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Hi Wayne! I’m subscribed to your YouTube channel. Love the content. Thanks for sharing your experience with those of us that are new to Fiverr. And thanks for stopping by the forum here to say hi. I know I don’t need to wish you success here on Fiverr, but I’ll do it anyway. Cheers from Thailand!

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Thanks so much! Just trying to help out other Sellers with things I wish I knew when I started on Fiverr! And what’s amazing is that regardless of where we all are located, we all share similar experiences on the platform, so it’s great connecting with so many other like minded freelancers from around the world (and Thailand!)

Hello, sir I think I saw you somewhere are you a youtuber

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Ha, yes, I have been producing Fiverr specific videos in an effort to share some knowledge and help out the Fiverr Community!

Hi Wayne! Your youtube videos really encouraged me to start my Fiverr VO journey. I’ve been here a year now and have learned so much! Thanks for chiming in on the forum!

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Hello sir, welcome to fiverr forum…Good to see your thoughts about fiverr.I am a graphic designer but good to see you in the forum…

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Ok, that’s nice…

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Thanks for the kind words! And your VO gig looks (and most importantly) sounds great!

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Thank you! I’m super excited to be here!


Just wanted to thank you joining this Forum platform and congratulate you on the youtube channel. I’m really excited to get started in the Fiverr VO Space.

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Thanks Jordan! And welcome to the VO category!