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Long time work process

Hi everybody,
I need a suggestion. My client doesn’t like to create order and feedback for everyday. He is very busy person. Is there any option to hourly work, like other marketplace. So that we can continue for longtime. Please advice anybody.

Create a milestone custom order for him

No, there isn’t.

If you have the milestone feature available, you can use it, as @bestintheword suggested. It’s not like hourly work, and your buyer will have to mark each milestone as completed before you proceed with the task, but it might suit your buyer better than the usual order system.

If the milestone feature is not available to you, your only option is to keep working like you did before. Or, if your buyer doesn’t like to create orders every day, they can order in bulk, or you can send them a custom offer for a bigger amount of work.


Thank you so much for your valuable suggestion.