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Long Wait for Clearance

I am curious to know - why does it take so long for money to be cleared?

It takes around 3 days for money to even start clearing, then around 2 weeks for it to be cleared, and if you’re using Fiverr card and don’t want to get money immediately (which I never do, the fees are out of this world) - additional 3 days.

Is there any hope of it being sped up? Just a little? On some other sites, it doesn’t take more than a week (it even clears in a couple of days). I really like Fiverr, but I feel like money would be here faster if sent through snail mail. :slight_smile:

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Honestly, no. In general when you get more bulk of orders and a more active client base, it doesn’t seem so bad.

Essentially. It’s fraud protection and no different than a general employment where you would wait about that long to get paid. Pretty much, Fiverr is protecting your best interests. Other sites if you get frauded and they pay out quickly, you’re kind of SOL. Just be glad it isn’t like some sites that make you wait months(I question their reasoning on those.) but for here I completely understand the wait period.

Thanks for the answer! :slight_smile:

@silentchapel No problem, best of luck on growing your gigs and building up a successful client base :slight_smile: