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Longer gig description - Way to click "Show More" in it


I offer lots of services here and some are so unique that buyers might not know what they can use it for. Upon listing them several ideas in my description , I’d also like to list some important rules and “Do’s and Don’t” to go with everything.

To sum it up , I cant fit all of what I want to tell my clients.

There should be a “show more” button to list the finer details of what you are offering.

I find myself focusing on telling people the most important things about my service. But with a limited box , thats all about all I can do. I know you want to keep the site clean and uniformed. But letting users Expand your box will offer the same looking uniformity until done so.

I know the gigs are monitored and this will be more to read but you can simply limit how much is in this Show more box and make it a rule to not list the main and important things in this box because it’s not seen until they click the button.