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Longer term and ongoing engagement on Fiverr?


I am looking to hire someone to do SEO work on my website on an ongoing basis. I have used eLance before to hire freelancers and continue to pay them for work for months at a time. Are ongoing engagements with workers supported or do I need to start a new gig after each one is completed? Does ongoing and longer term work happen here?

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Absolutely, I have had some customers for almost 4 years.


Reply to @mintyone: Thanks! How do they continue to work with you and pay you through the tool? Do they have to go and order or a new gig every time, or can they keep the gig open and pay you through there? Sorry for the basic questions - I’m just trying to see if I an use this for my longer term projects and how hard it is to work with someone and pay someone on an ongoing basis