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Longstanding Buyer's request

Why do buyer requests remain posted for a long time with zero offers? Is there a reason for that?


It’s rare I see them with 0 offers for a long time, but I’d guess it’s because they may be asking something that no seller can do (eg. it may be seller promotion or insufficient info to send an offer to or maybe against the terms of service) or maybe they’re asking much too much for the money or something.

Have you seen one as a seller when you look at the buyer requests page or have you posted a buyer request (as a buyer)? If you’ve posted one maybe it takes some time to be checked and approved by Fiverr (I’d think within 24 hours) and then to be seen by sellers.


Hi @kerrimax,

Maybe there are no sellers interested in applying, or the request itself violates in someway Fiverr’s TOS that could get sellers into trouble if they apply and get selected.

Any request will remain on view until it reaches the corresponding share of the level or the buyer removes it.


I’ve seen sellers applying to this and not one or two, but 8 and 11… :flushed:

P.S.: I would have given you a like @uk1000 but I have no more love to give till don’t know when…


Great question. I think it’s probably because they’re unsatisfied with the offerings but just haven’t taken their request down.

I’ve noticed that a lot of buyer requests are really unreasonable, specifically their budget. So I imagine a lot of them will be disappointed by the offers they get.

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Thank you all for your varying suppositions. I have seen them as a seller but I was thinking to approach with caution because it seemed suspicious to me that no one made an offer over days and weeks of the posts. The information here valuable. Thanks once again.