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Look at this gig please, tell me what can i improve


Please have a look at my gig and tell me what i am doing wrong. I was once getting orders from requests but no more lately



Perhaps there is nothing wrong with your gig. Perhaps, instead, you are trying to sell a service that is in the most heavily saturated category on Fiverr. Competition is fierce in the logo design category. What makes your logo gig better than your competition?

If you can answer that question, you might find a way to earn your sales again.

You are not going to receive sales just because you have a gig on Fiverr. Fiverr does not guarantee sales. Therefore, what are you going to do to work hard and EARN your sales in the future?


I totally agree with the put in efforts n hard work part.


I’d just like to point out that contrary to what should make sense, your logo Gig (or any other Gig for that matter) does not need to be better than the competition. You don’t need to be the best, or the fastest, or provide the most amazing customer service. Trying to be better than the competition will eventually become an obsession that will get you nowhere. Many amazing products and services fail every year because of marketing.

Obviously you should provide the very best work that you can, and all the “stuff” that goes with being a good businessperson, but it has nothing to do with being better than anyone else.

Bottom line: you need to learn marketing. How do I know this? Because I do too. I don’t know how, and I have not been lucky enough to stumble upon a way accidentally. It’s probably not something that can be taught in a class or in a seminar - if it was, there would be a lot more marketing geniuses.

Yes, you definitely need to work hard, but you also need to work smart.

As far as the Gig itself: After a quick look, I don’t really see any improvements that need to be done. My opinion is that the Gig listing is not the issue. I’ve seen some frankly pretty terrible looking Gigs that sell a lot, and amazing ones that don’t sell at all. Sometimes I even see poor duplicates of Gigs outselling the original. Which brings me to more advice. Don’t spend too much time working on the Gig listing itself. I know because I did.