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Look for other platform where they care about you


big tip go to another platform that does care about you with descent support and not always choose the buyers side


Hi, I read your other post.
I’ve been working at Fiverr for more than 5 years, and even though overall my
experiences have been great, I’ve had some unpleasant encounters here and there.
I asked Customer Support for help, and in most cases they were able to help, in other cases they couldn’t. I’ve had several cases where people got away with free stuff. Did I get angry? Oh heck yes. Did customer support do something about it? Not really.
I was upset, of course. I was not happy when I read a message from customer support where I can tell that the staff was trying their best to put their words nicely…but it didn’t help me at all! In fact in a way their messages made me angrier, thinking "WOW. Thank you so much for NOTHING!!!"
But if you think about it, that’s just how business is. That’s life. I have lived in this cruel world long enough where I know that sometimes sh*tty things happen when doing business and there is nothing you can do to change it.
Customer support is not perfect, but so far they have helped me with most of the problems I have had. I don’t know what it is that is making you angry, but hopefully you can get past that and go on with your Fiverr life. I mean, you are still here, you did not delete your account, your gigs have not been paused, doesn’t that mean you have some faith left???

And no, I do not work for Fiverr. The only reason I am defending the CS is because
I do believe they are doing a decent job.


I agree with you. Fiverr allows irresponsible LATE DELIVERY seller to cancel YOUR cancel without as much as an explaination or apology UNTIL I ASKED “WHY?”

And then after that when they cannot deliver again because they refuse to do reasonable modifications (first modification), the seller does not reply so there is NO WAY for buyer to reclaim money paid ($5, you can not take back the $0,50 paypal service though!)

[LINK REMOVED SINCE SHE HAS CANCELLED ORDER] is one such seller. Awful experience with her! Cartoony lashes is one biggie she should modify even if she is lazy to modify a few other things.


I’m thinking customer support in most cases has been great for me. They are just people doing the best they can in a tough job. They probably try to answer hundreds of upset people every day. In each case they have to take one side or the other so someone will always be upset. Imagine doing that hundreds of times a day.


I had one bad experience with CS, where actually by their own code I was completely right, I even let my friends to read stuffs and I asked, so guys am I being blind or something… and I hate negative environment and when people treat me as I am just someone dumb or something, so I focused on other things more then on Fiverr, I do check it every day just with way less enthusiasm.