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Look here if you have an Asian themed project or project that is targeting the Asia Pacific market

Perhaps you are having an Asian-themed project or are having a project targetting the Asian Pacific market and are wondering what sort of English accent would suit the region.

American? British? Would they understand? What if someone speaks in a very slow manner, would it be considered as…insulting?

That is where I come into play. Born and bred in Singapore, where we boast one of the best English education in the entire region, an Asian neutral accent might be the bridge between Asia and the rest of the English speaking world. Being in the crossroads of Asia, I am also very familiar with East, South and South East Asian cultures, and pronouncing those tonal jargons in your script would not be much of a problem!

My neutral accent is based on the British Received Pronunciation. Of course, living for over 30 years in Singapore, other influences add to this colorful sound. However, no slangs are used in my professional VO recordings.

Speak to me today on how I can bring value to your project!