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Look my profile

how is everything ?
Few days ago i created a topic for declined my request .
some of people suggest me improve my profile English .
Now i want to talk Please would you see my profile and is it perfect for my fast order ? i want suggest from Top seller.
Thank you so much .

please look my Gig =

I’m afraid you’re a long way off where you need to be in order to have a buyer trust you enough to place an order.

You have a lot of gigs, and I don’t have time to look at them all - but let’s just start with one of your thumbnails…

Can you see the issues here? I count at least 5 serious errors. You need to be able to recognise and fix these issues - you can’t rely on people in the forum telling you your mistakes. How will that work if a buyer actually orders from you?

Also, one of your other gigs says you’re a professional thumbnail designer… is this honestly the best example of your work? If it is, I hate to be blunt, but I don’t think you should be offering your services as a designer just yet.


i need to help there is any problem on my Profile?

In the profile:
Instead of “I’m professional graphics designer” you could say " I’m a professional graphic designer".

“at an popular” could be “at a popular”

Maybe change “Look my all Gig”. “Look at all my gigs” would be more correct but something better could be written.

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thank you i will do it

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thank you i will do it

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