Look out for this guy!


A few days ago I receive a $35 order from a username: tyesmth. This guy/girl was very rude from the start and kept saying no to my work - I designed him 3 different templates but each time I delivered the work, he/she ads more to his story by showing anger (writing in capital, saying things like THIS SHIT S**T) and and gives me more content to add to his template and then at the end when the work was finished, tested and ready to go - he requested order cancellation with possibly the most brainless excuse in the history of mankind that even I feel ashamed to share it here.

Again, his username is : tyesmth. DON’T EVER TAKE ORDER FROM HIM/HER!


Reply to @kjblynx: I tried! but there is no category to report this kind of problem.


https://www.fiverr.com/hamzawaqar624/make-you-splash-logo-reveal-intro Check Dis !


Could you not suggest a “Strike 3 Your Out”. (Strike One) you delivered a service. And the customer does not like it, and they tell you how they want it. (Strike Two) You take direction from the customer and re do per their specifications. (Strike Three) You present to the customer the product to their specifications and they still don’t like. Professionally cancel the order. Keep your work. The customer cannot have it. Simply say “sorry, but my services will not work for you”.