Looking at the Bright Side


The EURO 2016 begins today, and a European online magazine has hired me to do the match reports of all matches. So I’m gonna watch football and get paid for it too. Is this what they call heaven?


June 10 to July 11!!!


Congratulations are in order :slight_smile:
Not very many people get to be paid for doing what they actually like.


I am so happy for you! :slight_smile:


Thanks guys! :smiley:


Do you eat snacks when watching a football match?




lolz, I knew it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ooh, careful. You’ll get fat(ter).

I will take care to avoid going out for the next month then. I don’t personally wish to observe the spectacle of half-naked, freshly-baked Northern Europeans doing their thing.

Unless it’s a really important game in which case I will go for grown man tears after a sad, yet inevitable loss at a critical moment. Grown man tears are fun to watch.


Actually I found out that it is harder now to lose weight at my 30s. I used to be so slim. Now eventhough I do exercise (I play freezbie with my dogs and when my dogs can´t catch the freezbie that´s when I get to burn some calories as I have to pick up the freezbie. I play chase and run too with my dogs sometimes), it is hard to maintain to be as slim as I was. I have always been a big eater and I have a high metabolism. But somehow now at my 30s it is harder to lose weight and easier to gain weight. However I love growing older.


Wow that is amazing. Congratulations. I love soccer :). Can’t wait for the first Germany game on the 12th.


Germany, France, Belgium and Spain are the favorites.