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Looking back at 2020 - Your top music/audio projects 🔊

Hey everyone. Adam from Fiverr Music & Audio here. 2020 is coming to an end :pray: . While it’s been a weird year to say the least, I’m sure many of us have added some awesome projects to our portfolio.

Let’s use this thread to show off a bit and talk about the projects we’re most proud of from 2020! Whether it’s something you did on Fiverr or off - a song you produced, VO you did, podcast you edited… something that was heard by millions or heard by a few close friends. Any project or story that you’re proud of.

Looking forward to seeing all the talent and accomplishments this group has :muscle: . (I’ll share mine in the thread below)


Had the luck to voice the main characters of the Spanish dub of some Netflix productions, most notably Sweet Home, The Babysitter: Killer Queen and Dash & Lily. Those were great projects to work on!

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I had the honor and privilege to make a fun and silly song for a young man as a lead-in to tell a girl he liked that he liked her. It was very personalized and it was tricky stuffing as many references as possible into a bouncy one minute song.

It was ridiculously cheesy, but that was exactly what he wanted. (He was a Weird Al Yankovic fan, so it was fitting cheese, but goodness it was a challenge.)

I’ll admit I wish I knew how it turned out for him but it’s not my place to ask, so I’ll stick with wishing him the best!


I had the honor of working with the biggest online casino in Scandinavia as a voice over for their TV Commercials this year. Split over several orders, my voice has been heard across many national TV channels this year. It just goes to show that you can land big clients and big projects on Fiverr, unlike what some elitists will have you believe.

I also worked with other noteworthy clients this year, like Better Noise Music for Netflix, and had the pleasure of teaching thousands of employees in large Scandinavian corporations like Circle K more about my own personal passion - customer service.

It’s been a wild year. I’m lucky, since I was already pretty established as a freelancer before the pandemic hit, and Fiverr has made that possible.

This month I also got promoted to Top Rated Seller on Fiverr, and I view my journey here on Fiverr as perhaps my biggest project this year.

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Aaaaw that’s so, so sweet.

When I had a puppet show gig I would get requests like a congratulatory video or a good luck to a friend video.

It’s so sweet when people order custom work to support someone they love. :heart:

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I did a Gig with a father who got his two very young boys to sing Pop songs for their Mother’s Birthday. Normally I wouldn’t touch this sort of thing with a barge pole but I did and it went really nicely.

Similar to @imagination7413 above, it would have been nice to know how it went when Mum heard her kids singing these songs against bakings that were essentially the actual radio versions.

I managed to end the year with an Xmas Eve job making a DJ intro for an Italian DJ.

Otherwise, my highlights were my own albums (there were many seeing work was nonexistant):

and a short film with my partner who did all the animation

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I had the honor of helping a client write a movie script based on the life history of one of the world’s heavyweight champion. It was a great experience for me although a bit challenging as I had to do a lot of research about the champion. It was nice working on that project.

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