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Looking for a female voice over artist with British accent


Hi Fiverr community!

I have a friend that is looking for a female voice over artist with a British accent that he can add to his roster of VO talent here on his fiverr gig. I don’t know if this is ok to ask on Fiverr forums and if so please let me know. I am just asking how can he find someone that would be interested in doing that?


In the VO category you can filter first for female, and then by accent:British. Just beware, there are folks who have a native British accent and a bunch who fake it, so be sure to look for a seller who is in the UK, or you can get a VO that sounds like Dick Van Dyke’s chimney sweep in Mary Poppins.


Thanks newsmike! btw that video is hilarious!


You can search on fiverr search engine.