Looking for a fiverr gig to look for... fiverrs?


I have a weird question!

As a buyer i need to hire several fiverrs to translate texts for me in several languages (at least 4 european languages).

I’ve already hired someone previously but it was very time consuming because i needed to contact each individual sellers to ask

  • if they were available and willing (the theme is particular)
  • an estimate of price
  • an estimate of time

As you may image i spent a lot of time just to do the scouting!

So yesterday i thought “what if i ask some VA on fiverr to do the scouting for me?”.

I’ve tried to ask one VA but he told me that the TOS of fiverr forbid him from sending too many messages to other sellers…

so before wasting time asking other VA: is it true ?

Thanks in advance


It depends on what you mean for “wasting time”.

If you send a custom request, and you are accurate in your description, sellers (I am one of those) will answer in a matter of minutes. At that point you can choose the offer that best fits you in a short time, I believe.


ahaha, dammit! i’ve forgot about the custom request!

Truth to be told i was looking for a more strategic selection, starting with the high(er) level professionals.

Well, i could try and see that happens!

What about the supposed “limit to communicate with other sellers” ?


It is true - if we (buyers or sellers) send a large number of similar messages they’d eventually be marked as spam, and we’d end up losing our messaging abilities.


I think that everyone should follow the rules of the game he has decided to play.
On Fiverr, either the research of a buyer and a seller require a certain amount of time.

From my limited experience here I have learned that someone that is looking for shortcuts is looking for problems.

From my experience in life I have learned that someone that acts in a hurry and finds difficult to explain who he is and what he wants has something to hide.


Look, where i live is called “delegating”.