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Looking for a fiverr PARTNER

Dear friends,

I am a graphic designer. I’m looking for a partner to start a business thru fiver. Not only a partner but also a good friend.

No matter you are male or female. No matter with the age. I need someone with new ideas and fresh concepts.

I love new things. I don’t have any idea on mind now. Need to discuss about amazing thing with a partner. And I need to start it ASAP.

I’m waiting for your repose.




Reply to @lucky_1992: Oh okay. I can’t say I’ll contribute much to the structure and design of the website, but I do have a lot of ideas. Contact me if you need a fresh pair of eyes and someone to write the content.

Good idea :wink:

@sunshy1 Do you like to join with me.


@sunshy1 Do you like to join with me.


I will surely like to know more about the things you want as a partnership and what ideas do you have .

I would like to join sounds great!

hi lucky, i’m interested

me too :slight_smile:

Thanks all. I will contact you all ASAP


i’m a web developer/designer and i’m pretty interested :)>-

Thank you ayoub_kalil . I will contact you ASAP.

thanks a lot

Joining you would be cool. Am a sketch artist, writer and web designer

Hi, everyone! I’m also a Fiverr Seller, who mostly translate, test, and review apps & games. Recently, I felt a limit to what I can do by only doing what I’ve been doing.

So, I decided to create a community where we sellers & buyers can share information and provide services for each other. Additionally, I’m encouraging all my buyers who are mostly apps/games developers to check my gig-Twitter where I promote good sellers, and other apps/games. I’m hoping that this can not only help me but everyone who are part of it. Nothing big yet, but I’m willing to try. If it doesn’t work out, I would’ve made good friends!

Anyone interested can message me on Fiverr. Everyone’s welcome!

Hey Lucky,

Do you have a specific niche that you want to get into, or are you just thinking in general terms right now?

Let me know if you need any Web content help! I mostly do rewriting work on Fiverr, but I’ve contributed to various websites in the past in terms of content writing.

Hi Lucky,

I’m an illustrator and a designer for printed media, but i’m mostly jack of all trades here in fiverr :smiley:


This sounds like a great idea, mixing two minds, two different concepts, seperate ideas can result in crazy unique cool new designs… Contact me if you are interested in partnering with a graphics designer, animator, motion graphics designer etc etc etc…


@digilancer99 No I don’t have a specific niche. I need to touch everything something creative. I like to build a team with THREE people from different countries.I think it will be an amazing experience.What do you think?

Thanks all for the comments. Actually I didn’t start this yet. Because I didn’t select anyone. These days chatting with lots of friends.I need to make a Team with THREE people. If someone like to join I can break the limit. Hope you guys like this. I’m waiting for you comments.

I am also interested but how to do it?