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Looking for a Fiverr who can

Take an exisiting .jpeg that’s a black and white mascot, add color that’s similar to its current color scheme, then turn that into a business logo.

It is a high school mascot logo that I’m attempting to turn into an athletics logo, as I am a coach at the program. The source files for the current color scheme are MIA; I could only piece together the current color scheme based on taking pictures of the logo on campus.

I’m willing to pay through the correct means, but just wanted to source the job out before I choose an artist and my concept is rejected.

Putting this out there again…

Hey there friend, did you try putting your request in the Buyer Request section here on Fiverr? If you didn’t, that might get people to help you with your logo needs.


hello Good to see you. try again to post this Job on buyer Section.

thanks for the reply - I will post it there!