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Looking for a food photoshopper!


Hey - I have some food-photos which i would like getting photoshopped?

Can some of you guys recommend some gigs?

Best regards

Simon Sejer Hansen


Hello, I’d love to help you out. I’m a graphics designer with 3 years of experience with adobe Photoshop and illustrator. You are welcome to check out samples and my portfolio at my gig:

Thank you!


Use the main Fiverr search box and look for “photoshop food”. Posting here will only get you bombarded with anyone and everyone looking for an order. You’re better off to look directly for the quality you want. Good luck!


Depends entirely on you.

I recommend you place out a buyer request.

While I have used photoshop for a few years , I have done little to zero food photo shopping.(was a photographer for a little while)

Normally getting it right in camera for food seems a better option.

People and animal images are more my thing to manipulate , best of luck finding someone.


Hello sir,

Please have a look at my Photoshop Gig here .

Contact me to discuss the project.

Thank you



I have been working with a bakery. I think I can help you … Have alook at attached images…this is what I did for my bakery client