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Looking for a graphic designer


Hello there. I just started a new company, and very new into the business. My partner and I are looking for a graphic designer to help us out with designing or re-designing a logo of our choice with your expertise. I will upload a picture of what we have in mind. Please keep in mind we are not artists in anyway, this is why we are here.

Thank you


Thank you for your response, I will check out some fonts and colors and get back to you in a few hours. As for resolution, we would like a higher resolution, so we can enlarge if needed to fit products better, Is it going to be bitmap or vector? And does higher resolution like 300dpi cost more? If you have any suggestions I woukd be happy to hear them as We are not that familiar with the process.

Thank you


Please use the main site where you will find numerous people for the job. Here in forum, you may clear any doubt regarding buying or selling. Good luck!