Looking for a logo designer


I am starting up a new online business and I am having the HARDEST time picking out an artist to do my logo for me. Mainly because I am worried someone will not capture the ideas I have in mind.
Feel free to message me if you’re up to the challenge and you think you can help bring to life what I have in mind. (I would love to see some examples of your work)

  • Water color
    *Must be in earthy tones
    *Circular shape with trade mark circling the brand name
    *Would like a butterfly on the side top of the circle
    *Straw mushrooms coming out as if they are growing out of the sides of the circle (at each side at the bottom going up)

If you like this idea or have any suggestions, please let me know. I also have a couple of picture examples I’d like to show anyone willing to take the job which example the style and colors i’d like used.

Sorry if this is the inappropriate place to post this topic, I am new here! Thanks for any help.


do you like??


It would be best , if you post your requirements on Buyer Request Section


Hi,I can help you with the photo of the type of logo or design you want