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Looking for a psychic or rootworker? Check out my gigs!

Hello! My name is Sahara and I am a traveling psychic. I have worked at Hotel Zaza. I am taking a year break to take care of my sick brother and then I found this site! Such a blessing!

Check me out at

hey, i think it’s pretty cool to be a psychic, especially having a good $5 price. i’ll just give you some advise if you want to get more sales. you can add a video explaining what you do or your service and maybe show us a demonstration. i think it would be very helpful for you and your buyers to know and trust each other with the service. but i think being a psychic is pretty cool! tell me more about you :slight_smile:

Thank you! $5 covers the most basic readings, the same price that I charge when I work for charity donations. :slight_smile: Thank you for your advice


Awesome!! A traveling psychic , how cool!

It has always been my dream. Who knows one day :slight_smile:

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Just a friendly heads-up, you just copy and pasted that in three different threads. In case you're looking for a fourth, you're not allowed to post that link and they are all going to be deleted.