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Looking for a REALLY good photoshop person for Interiors photos

Im looking for someone to photoshop interior design images & furniture images. I would like some images lightened, some to have background colours changed, some to have objects removed, some items of furniture to be added to backgrounds where the image is currently on a white background. They all have different issues, some are taken at trade fairs or their showroom so are too dark AND have things I dont want in the background. Some have too much clutter & I need something removed. Some have awful coloured walls behind them, or are on a grey background & Id like them to look like the photo has been taken in a room.

This is high end Italian furniture so photos must be perfect. You will be changing my high res images (I most have jpgs though can get tiffs if its an issue) which I will then use for press, & my website. I will send you plenty of examples of images that are right, & get you to work on those guidelines.

Budget to be decided between us, as I have over 100 images to change, but will start with 5 to ensure the quality is right. Im not bothered about next day delivery or getting the cheapest, I want the best quality.

If you are confident with changing colours/lightening but not with backgrounds thats ok - if you have backgrounds you can use thats great, let me know. There are so many images I may not get one person to do them all anyway.

Those guys can help you I think, they are new sellers and they search for job:

@ricomarket_it -
@mubeenadrees -

heelo i’m graphic designer and i’m also use adobe photoshop

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