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Looking for a specific website with logins for clients

What do I look under to find somebody who will create a website that allows my clients to login and see their account.

I have a list of needs… but all I see is wix type sites that are basics.

Anybody know where I should look?

Have you checked under the bed ?

What kind of site it will be ?

That may be a little too much for what Fiverr sellers offer. You might have to simply go to the internet to search for website developers who offer that service.

What are you searching for? WEbsite Designers?

Try website developers and see if that gives you any leads.

Also, where will these websites be hosted?

Reply to @kay2809:

Not sure what you mean by “kind of website”.

Reply to @sincere18:

The site will be hosted on gator. I looked in website designers. Everything there seemed to be a wix type site, which I can do.

Hello, I just finished building a member log in site using a software program. I’ll be happy to talk to you and find out all your needs and point you in the right direction. I lost $20,000 getting a website built and I decided to learn all of it on my own. I have a ton of what to look for tips!

Reply to @thomasgriffin71: so you are essentially wanting to private label your website designs then? Meaning all the clients sites are on your account in host gator and it just appears they are logging into their own site to make changes, or each client has their own separate account?

Again, try looking for website developers as opposed to designers.

p.s. - oh and you may have to look outside of Fiverr for someone to do that. How many clients do you have that you need site designs for? And why aren’t the “wix type” sites effective? Do you need much more custom than that? I guess it depends on the industry of clients you are working with.