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Looking for advice - at end buyer wanted something different then as he requested

Hello all!

I got request to do a beer label design and buyer asked me to do silhouette.
After some time this simple silhouette turned into more like an illustration project than design.
While I was working on project buyer has sent me various references for illustration and was not 100% clear how he want it to look like (this only took my time).
Now, while the illustration is almost finished, he only asks me to send him this illustration - we did not start even work on the design (he did not tell me any ideas for layout and when I ask him about it, he kind of ignores the question).

Now my question is from your perspective should I rate a buyer with low experience? As an illustration and design are not the same thing and he was not clear what he needs.

I am new to freelancing so I just want to hear opinions of different people.

Sorry If my English is on the lower level and thank you a lot for your time!


I think it’s your decision how you rate him. No one can tell you how to rate a buyer. From my perspective I don’t give details when I rate a buyer and find the whole idea contrary to good business but you may want to rate him low and give specific details. Also consider how you may feel if he gives you a great 5 star review or even a tip, after you have given him a low rating.

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Thank you for replay ! Yes I need to think of all aspects.
Will wait and try to communicate with him to see how is situation at end,

Thank you again for replaying !

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You have to rate your working experience with the buyer. Its totally your choice.

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Thank you for replay !