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Looking for advice on purchasing a logo

Hello ,
I haven’t used this site before
I am trying to start a small business and want to purchase a logo that I can trademark and use on packaging ( I plan to register a company under a different name)
If i use one of the many designers listed here do I own the copyright ?
i’ve had a look here and am quite confused by the options. I have a fairly specific idea of what I want but looking at styles you’re supposed to pick from I’m not completely sure which one it comes under. is there a way of bypassing this and just posting a description ?
i’m also not sure what format I should go for
I appreciate these might seem like stupid questions but if anyone can be bothered answering it would be much appreciated

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You own your logo once purchased and the order is complete. If you were to sell this logo, you would need to have a commercial license which is often a gig extra(additional purchase/add-on) for logos. If you are looking for sellers to come to you, you can use the post a request button under the buying tab on the main site (not the forum)
As far as format you can ask the designer you choose about each one and pick which sounds best according to their scope of work they will do.

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Thank you for a very swift and helpful reply

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I am a graphic designer, I don’t offer logo design because there are a lot of seller offering the service, but I recommend that you purchase a gig the offers the vector file (source file) don’t go for the $5 gig it will be a low resolution jpg and you won’t be able to resize it or even use it for print.

Your logo is what represent you, so please don’t be greedy about it


Thanks for the reply
Bit harsh to imply i’m greedy when I haven’t even mentioned money…
For what it’s worth I was very surprised at the level of pricing - i am short of funds but I’m really not expecting anyone to do this for a fiver.
Unfortunately this race to the bottom seems to go hand in hand with the gig economy

I’m sorry if I sounded rude. I didn’t mean you were greedy. Just that there are a lot of buyers that expect to have a great design for a fiver and even ask for extra work.

Really, I really meant it like that :sweat_smile:

Before selecting any seller check his sample if you like his work then select .You should be clear about that which file you will get from him and how many revision he give you…Go for unlimited revision…it will be better for you.

Fair enough , I was probably just being over sensitive.
I do really get that the pricing structure must make it hard for people to make a decent living

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Thanks for your answer