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Looking for an artist to make cartoon panels of our live action web series. Archer is prime example


Can you point me to the right person?

Hi, I am a producer of a live action webseries which is a Son’s of Anarchy parody about a silly motorcycle gang. We had an idea to create comic book (one panel, or three?) versions of some of our characters and situations. Basically, we would give you the one or three panel joke and you would illustrate it with our characters in the setting… We would describe the setting, and also show you screen shots from the show to give you an example. The size of the images would need to be HD I am guessing…

So for an example for you to do now, I will show you a screen shot from the show and you would draw it as a test (which I would pay for through fiverr) Attached is a screenshot from the show. (you are welcome to watch more at but it is not manditory)

What we might do is as we are producing season 2, we might release comic book panels of the scenes we are shooting as a coming attractions type thing. so this would be ongoing work if it goes well.

As for the attached file, do your best and add “Let’s escalate this.” as dialogue to the female in the middle as if she is saying it? Can you do all this? let me know. Thanks


Hi, take a look to my work here, please.


Here is a first approach.