Looking for an illustrator who does a specific style


Hi there!

I don’t know if this is the place to post this message, but I could not find another place.

I am looking for an illustrator who can make several illustrations in a specific style, but could not find one.

If you think you can, please let me know!


You can post on buyers request. Simple. There you will get more response and option to specfic work you need. I actually make animations. If I was the right guy. But my exams are going on so am busy.

So as i said try to post in buyers request. If you dont know search for “How to post a work in fiverr”. Simple…


Thank you very much! I actually just did that, after striking out scrolling through gigs…

Do you have any advice on how to pick the right one?

I seem to get a lot of responses, and I might be a bit sceptical, but more than half of those, I think they did not really read what I am exactally looking for. So I don’t know if they can deliver…

I don’t have a strickt deadline by the way, so if you think you can do this, let me know!


Hi there, send an inbox message lets discuss.


My exams will end by 4 march. If you can wait uptill then you can contact me through my gig by just clicking my profile and the gig link.

And if the number of work is less(2 or 3 even 4) I can do it by today and deliver it by today(as they are simple illustration). In png and jpg format i can deliver. If any further information you can contact me.

If you have got the right person have a nice day.
Thank you


@prologodesinger, if I have not found anyone by then, I will definately send you a message. Thanks in advance!


Cool… I thought you found one.


I found several, but not sure yet if they can deliver :slight_smile:

So, the search is still on :wink: