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Looking for an Upadate on Fiverr order system (benefit for sellers)


Hi there,
I have a bad experience from first day of my fiverr life and continuous. I don’t know other seller have experienced by this or not!
I just described the problem and would like to request an update for (as my suggestion) to improve sellers security and increase sellers good sense to work on fiverr. hope Fiverr will take this.

The problem is ---------

Just think, I have 27 order completed in various price, and 15 cancelled order. 50% completed order. BUT MY 10 ORDER HAS BEEN CANCELLED BECAUSE OF BUYERS “MISTAKE ORDER”, THEY INBOX IMMEDIATELY “ITS MY MISTAKE, SORRY MISTAKE” ETC.

its make sellers business down. Only sellers know how much problem may happen per 1 cancellation, bad effect on his/her business. GIG come down on search result, bad effect on gig analytic etc, etc.
all is okey, response rate 100%, deliver on time 100%, positive rating 4.9, but order complete 50%, funny or sad.!!!

My request for ---------

everything okey on order page for buyer and seller but I am looking for another an options, WHEN A BUYER PLACE ORDER, SELLER HAVE TO ACCEPT TO CONTINUE / START ORDER, Otherwise order have to be pending and cancellation (if do not accept, if buyer inbox to seller its his mistake), NO BAD EFFECT will happened on gig, gig order complete percentage will remain same as before.

please see, Its my guess that many seller serves good product but order cancellation without any reason make them down as me. my Lst order - same problem, offer accepted and message in order page within 2 second “its mistake” … what can I do about him? no way. again 1 cancellation added! :frowning:

Finally ----------

If I send a custom offer, they accept, or they are going to place order and proceed to order, then a button appear to my inbox as “accept order”, then I get a notification as “congratulation! xyz place an order and send requirements” otherwise nothing happen.

I need successful sellers suggession

now if I cancel my fiverr profile, create new one. its will happened again, so I don’t think
for it.


I am a big supporter of an “accept order” button for all us sellers.
Why? simply because these things can always happen and also be created by the competition.
There is no harm in ordering and ask for a cancellation on the buyer’s side, just on the seller’s.Why is that?
Because Uncle Fiverr’s philosophy is to tell you that you’re a free-lancer, but that’s far away from the truth… you are Fiverr’s employee.
Every free-lancer is FREE to choose with whom you want to work and which work you are willing to do, simply as that.
Here we have no option. And just “cancel” is not a harmless option for us sellers.
Few came already this month to me, asked to have work done, we’ve discussed about that, they’ve placed an order and… surprise! They wanted 3 times more work than agreed… where is the solution there? … to cancel, because if you want to adjust your offer, then the “client” answers: Oh… that’s too expensive, thanks anyway for your time.
That happens with “Custom offers” mostly, and not with a normal order through my Gigs.
I’ve found my method to avoid situations like you have and like I had in the past. I’ve written about this in other threads, it’s not 100% sure, but for me it works in most of these kind of cases.
But the “accept order” button should be (in my own personal opinion) a MUST.


It looks like it’s no longer true. The other day, there was a buyer who complained about his account getting restricted; it got restricted because of the high number of cancellations (26 completed orders, 36 cancelled, or something like that).


no one really cares about sellers here. I have had this experience multiple times and everytime followed up support regarding this. No positive response. Fiverr policy is all about making it easier for buyers. Sellers are of little concern as long as buyers are having good experience


It’s Fiverr, It’s all about buyers


I am totally Agreed With you


Buyers can do anything. All tanshion have sellers.
Buyers can mistake. But if we sellers do one mistake then it’s totally harmful on ours profile.

I agree with you.


I totally support this idea.
I canceled so many orders because buyers dont understand the service process. In my canse, it’s not every image that can become a good vector, or it would demand such tremendous time of work that would need to be charged $5000 instead just $5.

great idea you got my freind


not for all buyers wil be same, I opprose if 1 cancelation without any reason, you want see?

… its his 1st message after order. so why he place order? intentionally? to make me one step down? I hope you understand.


thank you for your comment


Totally wish for an “accept order” button. Man, that would be a wonderful addition.


and some buyer never think this side. but many buyers good, they complete order if not satisfied I get , after I provided modified work inbox and they satisfied. said thanks.


I glad you agree with me.


thanks for comment. not at all maybe, but its not my wish, I say ----- suppose, if all concern and benefits already belongings to sellers, but need to this button “accept order” then I get a notification “xyz place an order and send requirements” otherwise nothing happen.


Thank you, I glad to you agree with me and thanks again for your more explain.


[quote=“smks15, post:17, topic:135387”]

If I send a custom offer, they accept, or they are going to place order and proceed to order, then a button appear to my inbox as “accept order”, then I get a notification as “congratulation! xyz place an order and send requirements” otherwise nothing happen.


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