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Looking for any feedback available :)

I know there’s billions of posts like this, but I truly am wondering if, at first glance, there’s any fatal flaws with my logo design gig. Here’s the link:

Thank you!

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Sadly, yes. The images are too small and fine to be seen in thumbnail form.

Please see (IMG) point 2:


I’d also suggest that you remove the highlighting in your description. And as for the images (which look good, by the way), cropping them to be larger when viewed as a thumbnail would go a long way. You probably don’t want to offer unlimited revisions since scammers frequently take advantage of that kind of thing (and it makes it look like you aren’t confident in your work).

The 75% off deal might come across as desperate, but it’s also a reasonable thing to do to get the first few reviews. You might want to make it less of an extreme discount. I’ve found that buyers who are willing to pay more also have more reasonable requirements in other ways.

Otherwise, the images and description writing looks pretty good. Good luck!


Thanks so much! This advice is incredible, I’ll definitely be taking it. Thank you again for your time.