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Looking for constructive criticism on my gigs

I’m creating this topic for the purpose of hearing other peoples opinions and suggestions about my gigs, as I would like to improve on them.

What do you think of my titles, descriptions, prices etc.? Is there something I should really change?

Link to my profile:

Thank you.


You’re underselling your work, TBH.

Have you ever made your first sell so far?

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My prices are low because I’m still considered a new seller and I feel like it will be easier for someone to trust me with their money if my prices are low. I’m planning on raising my prices once I have enough reviews and orders (I’ve completed one order so far).

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I completed my first and only order around a month ago.

Looks good. I would just focus on one gig for now because it looks like two of your gigs are clones. Doing that doesn’t help your gigs get more attention sadly. I know because I tried the same thing.

@tegusuk If you want help you just need to create your own new topic (which you have already).

This is considered as spam and will get you into trouble with the moderators.

Oh ok, sorry. I don’t know that. Thanks for warning. @lloydsolutions

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