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Looking for Constructive feedback

Hi, everyone,
I started 2 years back. 2017 was a perfect year in sense of sales and as everyone(almost) is down after the new algorithm etc. My last month was quite better than the current. Can you check my gig link and advise what should I do to get it back on track? Thanks for your time

Same here I’d like to mention that Fiverr only provide a marketplace for sellers and buyers to do business, and Fiverr can’t guarantee sales. Fiverr also can’t guarantee a Gig’s position in search. I advise you to manually advertise your Gig on the Internet, as this would help to make it more noticeable, and hopefully lead to getting more sales. You can start by promoting your Gig on your social networks using the buttons on your Gig page. Also send buyer request daily and be active on Fiverr Forum.

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thanks for the advice!

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