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Looking for critique/advise

Hi Guys

I know this is early doors as I only had this gig up for 3 days, however I just wanted to know your opinion.

I am a new seller and I am using this platform to test my business idea.

Social media content creation is nothing new. However I am primarily focusing on the visual marketing side of things to start off with.

By looking at my gig do you think it looks decent enough? Has anyone got any tips of improving this or making it stand out a bit more?

I greatly appreciate all your contributions as they will help for future amendments.

Thanks again for giving me your time to go through it :slight_smile:

Any feedback would be very appreciated :grinning:

It looks okay. Though maybe “to discuss your demands” could be rephrased (eg. “to discuss your requirements”).

Great, thanks for your suggestion, I will be sure to change that :slight_smile:

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