Looking for experienced Fiverr sellers for a few new projects I need help with



I have the following projects, and I’m looking for potential Fiverr sellers who can fulfill them:

  1. I have a site with about 50-60 images. The images need to be downloaded, renamed, and then uploaded to a new webserver file location, via FTP. After the images are uploaded, you would then have to go in to the new location and make sure the HTML references the correct image file path.

  2. I have an app called smir.ch that I am looking for funding for. I would like to possibly hire a grant writer who can both locate grant opportunities and write and submit the grants for funding.

  3. I sell an SEO press release service. We’ve been moving up in the ranks for the terms “seo press release” and “press release seo”, etc. I need someone to build some links to the service landing page to help improve the seo. This is a MUST: I need someone with good, quality links, from theme-relevant sites, which do not look spammy. If your sites don’t score well on the bad-neighborhood and link density checkers, then do not bother replying to this one.

    Fiverr sellers out there who can help me with these projects, please feel free to apply.


    Eric Bryant

    Gnosis Media Group


I’ll help. I have experience with tech.


Project #1 above has already been filled. FYI


I need a tech to set up a system its called lead lightning


I need a tech to set up a system its called lead lightning
you can contact me at donlariviere50@gmail.com

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