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Looking for EXPERIENCED Virtual Assistant/Someone to call for me

For months I have been looking for a freelancer for the following:


I’m looking for someone to call to an Australian-based public company on my behalf.
ONLY: Australians or New Zealand-based, UK, CANADA or US natives who are currently in either Australia or New Zealand. You must be able to call during regular office hours.

Most of the work has been done already. I have been in touch with them before.
I just need someone to make the follow-up calls and to make sure they (Board of Directors) gets back in touch with me regarding my business proposal. This plus additional details.
Therefore, I need someone with EXPERIENCE.
In total this should be about 1 hour of work tops.

You need to be able to really push through and take this exciting project next level with me.

That is the goal to be achieved to complete this project: the Board of Directors gets in touch with me.

Your tasks:

  • Call to Freelancer on my behalf following specific instructions and script (preferably you have know-how on how we can achieve the goal)
  • Multiple phone calls will or may be necessary
  • Keep me updated


  • You are an Australian or a New Zealand native speaker and in AU or NZ (the UK and US is also allowed, but then you must be in the AU or NZ timezone)
  • English is your NATIVE language
  • Experience with calling, business communication and getting through to the gatekeepers
  • You communicate above average
  • Able to support me during this process
  • A go-getter, able to push through and not take no for an answer
  • Able to achieve the main goal
  • Professional attitude
  • Update me with EACH call

Note: This is likely taking more than one week, realistically speaking (depending on the progress being made). The primary goal must be achieved for the project to be completed.

  • You’d call using your own number
  • Take phone costs into consideration when sending your proposal


Are you the freelancer I need to complete this project?


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