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Looking for expert suggestions and opinions

Hello Everyone,

I am a new seller here. I am a graphic designer. My expertise is in the logo and I am a creative person.

I want your help to know more about fiverr. How can I get my first job in a short period of time and how can I attract more clients to my GIG? You can suggest improvements as well.

Thank You very much in Advance.


Make a unique Logo and SET it as your gig’s image. Make your description interesting and attractive. Offer them some bonus too. Check out similar gigs of other people and see how they are presenting everything.
Also, send buyer requests on daily basis.


Today, I see there are 71,744 gigs for logo design.

You will need to have an excellent, eye-catching, gig that stands out from the 71, 743 other gigs in your area of expertise.

See my answer above.


Thank You very much for you suggestion.
Can you help me with one more thing please?
If I change my GIG photo, is it gonna effect my impression?

Any time you alter your gig, it can take up to 48 hours to appear in the search again, so any changes you make should be worth your gig being out of circulation for that long.


try to use popular related tags. see what tags others are using in their gigs. it may help the clients find your gigs.