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Looking for feedback on my first ever gig

Hi everyone!

I am both new to Fiverr and the forum, thank you for having me!

I created my first ever gig. Link here

My aim is having a light-hearted attitude, so that the customer can freely express themselves (with minimal requirements such as no nudity or offensive content)

Please have a look at it and let me know your idea! I love feedback, the more the better, please don’t pull any punches at me.

Thank you!

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I think your gig is fun, trendy and well put together. The only concern is that it might be too confusing for fiverr buyers to figure out what you’re actually selling and what is included in the package. Fiverr customers are more of a regular people variety than a creative agency crowd.

Thank you for your feedback!

Fiverr has limitation in word count in the description. I wish I can put more for better clarification. Is there anyway that I can bypass this?

I don’t think you can go over the word count in any way. Writing gig descriptions is kind of a pain because of that.

Your gig is wonderful and funny.As you said, let someone with wild dreams knock your doors frequently .All the very best.

Thank you for your kind words :star_struck: Glad you like it