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Looking for feedback on my GIG pricing?

I put out my first few GIGs and getting impressions and clicks. Nor orders yet. Currently going through a few free online courses to get a few badges.

Any feedback on my offers is greatly appreciated and wanted.

Pricing in or out of whack compared to others?
Clarity of offer?
Anything missing?
What could I do better?
Not yet reviewed or rated? Do I ask my peer for that or ask future clients for that?
I share these GIGs on FB, IG, Twitter.
Also created but not completed a profile on fiverr’s partner ClearVoice Content Portfolio.

Any feedback on any of my GIGs is very helpful.

Many thanks. Richard:+1::call_me_hand::point_left::point_right::vulcan_salute::ok_hand::pinching_hand::love_you_gesture::facepunch::metal::raised_hands::clap::fist_left::pray: