Looking for feedback :)


Hello everyone,

I just joined Fiverr and I’m in need of some feedback in order to improve my profile.

Is anyone willing to take a look for me? Your advice and tips would be appreciated. I’ve attached a link to one of my Gigs below:


Thanks in advance.

Best regards,



Hey Wesley. Your gigs and profile look ok to me. The descriptions are on-point and you seem someone that can be trusted. The only thing I can complain about are the gig images - but that’s the graphic designer in me talking. I see you have some sales and you got the ball rolling.

Wishing you a year full of success!


Hey there! Thanks for your feedback.

I agree with the gig images, I made them myself using Canva. I would like some more unity in there though.

If you have tips or advice please let me know :wink: In fact I really like the way it’s set up in your account!


What a great start on Fiverr! Your gigs and reviews look great. Best wishes for your success in 2017.


Dear Wesley aka @wesleyronda ,

Here is a checklist to help you improve your gigs.

Here’s a link to Fiverr Academy.

Here’s a link to Episode 1 of Fiverrcast.

Here’s a link to your profile.

  • Your log line:

Your go-to person for technical problems
[CORRECTION: At the time of this writing, FIverr does not allow most punctuation, except (,!:’).]

Note the added hyphen in “go-to”.

*Your profile image:

I suggest a color image, with you smiling like you’re on Fantasy Island and Mr. Roarke just said, “Smiles, everyone, smiles!”

  • Your profile text:

Hi! I am Wesley. I’ve been working as a system administrator and support specialist in the Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosting branch for about 5 years. I’ve developed a wide set of skills, mainly on Linux VPSes, and I am an expert at troubleshooting. Check out my other gigs!

As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to spell out any acronyms you use the first time you use them. Your message isn’t what you say – it’s what your Buyers understand of what you say…

You’re off to a great start with 13 reviews already in less than 30 days. You’re a real go-getter!

  • Gig Title:

I will translate English to Dutch native speaker

My suggestion: I will translate English to Dutch as a native speaker

  • Gig Description:

Contact me for custom quotes and rush orders. Attach your document, please.

(Note the edits for punctuation.)

A suggested format for your gig descriptions:





  • Video: 30 to 60 seconds. Fiverr says videos can boost your sales. You should include lots of examples.

Gig Images: You should have 3. These seem to be Dutch stereotypes. I’m not sure whether the ganja passes muster with the Fiverr Terms of Service, and I suggest you look into that. You may be setting yourself up for a petty Buyer to make a ridiculous claim to Customer Support just to hurt you. I’d recommend you come up with images that are more on point. Try including images with personalized thank you notes in your deliveries, to see if these start showing up in your Live Portfolio, giving Buyers more pretty pictures to look at, and more reviews at the top of the screen.

Gig Extras:

You’ve gone the gig packages route, which is fine.

Gig Packages:

Hopefully you will finetune these over time to maximize your revenue. You may be costing yourself money in the short term. Try A/B testing different price points. Of course, you know better than I do how they’re working out for you.

You seem to have your act together. Congratulations!

Good luck,

P.S. Regarding the gig you cited:
I will fix cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Linux related issues on your VPS

I suggest you check for punctuation throughout. I advise against unlimited revisions. All your gigs should have videos, with the phrase “Exclusively on Fiverr” featured onscreen and in the audio.


Dear @blaisefaint ,

Thanks for your feedback! One point of note with regards to my log line. Fiverr doesn’t allow using special characters in there (Text must contain only letters, numbers and (,!:’).). I guess it will be better to go with a new log line altogether?


Dear Wesley:

One point of note with regards to my log line. Fiverr doesn’t allow using special characters in there (Text must contain only letters, numbers and (,!:’).). I guess it will be better to go with a new log line altogether?

Here’s my take on that issue:

First, I apologize for giving you bad advice.

Second, most people won’t notice that “go-to” is the preferred spelling over “go to”.

However, in the field of human resources, many human resources directors will discard any resume or cover letter that has a typo, so in theory “go to” could cost you well-educated Buyers.

To sum up:

Yes, I concur that it’s best to come up with a new log line altogether, and avoid expressions that require punctuation in your log line (other than the ones you cited in your post).

Maybe one day, Fiverr will change settings to allow normal punctuation in the log line.

Good luck,