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Looking for Fiverr gigs from musicians and songwriters to get involved in my next rock album

I am not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I am looking for Fiverr gigs from musicians who write lyrics, play instruments of any kind, and help with backing vocals. I have an rock album out on Itunes, Google Play and Spotify and have listed it as a Fiverr gig. Please see the Fiverr gig below for a feel of the music I am looking to produce:

The problem with a lot of musician/songwriter gigs that I find is that some of them have negative feedback from not responding, so if you have good feedback and are interested in earning some Fiverr orders from your talents, I am interested in seeing what you can do for me.

I am looking for:

U Should Checkout my fiverr Gig. I Will Write a 16bar verse of the genre of your choosing

U Should Checkout my fiverr Gig. I Will Write a 16bar verse of the genre of your choosing

I can help you find the best of the best with my own gig :slight_smile:

Is it okay to add my link in t he forum? I am totally new nere…

All the best


I’m also in a band, I’m the lead singer and piano player !

I have a gig on fiverr ! Which i create songs , so i can help with what your looking for !

100% Rating !

Hi there,

I would like to help you to promote your rock album…

I can promote it among 2 million Facebook members. My charges are very cheap.


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Contact me immediately after launching new album.

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I’ve got a bunch of them and can make one specifically for what you are trying to do. What are you trying to accomplish as a musician?

Hi Bruce I am a female Hip Hop Artist/Songwriter who have great rock songs, and I write all genres of music and I would love to help you work on your new project. Please call me at 678-768-9189. I write all genres of music.