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Looking for Fiverr Partnerships

I am looking for other Level One sellers who are interested in creating partnerships. What I see is a kind of a barter system where those of us who have similar (but not exactly the same) gigs can help cross promote one another. Maybe we could talk to some of our existing clients about one another’s gigs. Perhaps we could promote each other in the same places that we promote ourselves (i.e. Facebook, Craigslist, Twitter, etc). These are just a few ideas. I am also open to any ideas and suggestions on how to do this as well. If you’re interested in this at all, let’s talk. Thanks!

Why would you want to promote a gig that is very similar to your own? I can see maybe something completely different, maybe. But then how exactly would you really be partners? Are you thinking of splitting the money in some way?

also, do not post on Craigslist, virtual services aren’t allowed on there. You need to be local to be able to meet people)

I did not say that I would want the other person to have a gig that is EXACTLY like mine.
For example, I am a web designer and it might be beneficial to partner with a graphic designer. Both gigs are SIMILAR, but NOT the same.This is just an idea that I am tossing around. Not sure if it will work or not.

I have no problem with posting ads on Craigslist. They never get banned or blocked. If they are against policy, I haven’t heard from anyone at that organization.

i’m not in any level yet, just start’s working on fiverr one month’s ago, I’d like to be partnership with you… are you interested ??

Reply to @artisticdreamer: Well, then it might be good for you to go buy a graphic design gig or two as samples and see if there is anyone that you would want to recommend to your buyers who buy your gig.

Reply to @artisticdreamer: it might depend on what site you are on, how often if people flag it, etc. CL states in their FAQ of their terms that if your ad could be equally relevant on more than one site, then it doesn’t belong on CL and to please use another site. So any type of virtual work doesn’t really belong there. But it’s like speeding on the freeway, not everyone gets a ticket so you are lucky over there. And you would never hear from the organization, it’s a community moderated site, so when an ad gets enough flags it just comes down.