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Looking for Geek to Get Traffic and Generate the Leads


I searches all the gigs from fever and order also some gigs but i am not able to find the gigs which can give me targeted traffic and through that traffic I get generate the inquiry (leads).

I ordered some gigs which I get 1000 plus daily traffic but not able to generate even single lead. So if this kind of gigs available please let me know.



I don’t think you understand what “geek” means. :wink:


i Ask you something, What kind of “Leads” you waith to get?.. category?.. even if we get you 1.000.000 visits in a day, if you dont give to people what they wath, no one give you what you need…


Maybe for him its not a despective way to use, he just use it for saying #Nerd or something like dat…


I ordered gig for traffic that was passive traffic and no grantee of leads. I am talking about Market Research leads


No matter what kind of traffic you get, nobody can control other people and guarantee that you will make sales.