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LOOKING for Ghostwriters? | A Thread to Find Them

As a new ghostwriter on here, I know it can be hard starting out. I have yet to make a sale on a gig which from what I hear is pretty common. A friend of mine started her account, and within a week she had a client, I am not so lucky. I think I am going on four weeks.

So I thought why not start a thread where ghostwriters seeking clients can post?

But, here’s the thing, I have seen some spammers who don’t value client/seller relationships, that’s not good. As any kind of seller on here we need to respect everyone, especially possible clients.

I love people and I love helping people. I also love writing, I have a lot of fun writing for others, almost as much as I do when I write for myself. And if we love people and helping them, we will want to respect others, and talk to people more than trying to make a sale.

I need sales, but I hate spam. Spam does not make future relationships, which is understandable, right? And as much as I need sales, I need to make connections more. Not only to help people but to secure future sales. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

So if you are in agreement, and you’re honest and love working with people and you’re a ghostwriter, by all means, post in this thread. I have a conversation going with someone based on commenting in the forum, so who knows, this might lead to some clients. If nothing else, you’ll make contacts and friends.

A little bit about me:

I am a published author. I have been published in five anthologies, I have a novella out in a small press, and I have self-published a short story on my own. I have written on several projects I plan on releasing under a pen-name, I am co-writing with a fellow writer, and I have started a small press with my co-writer, which is still and the planning stage. I am looking to ghostwrite fiction mostly. Although I do offer a couple other services.

I can write fast, I am willing to help any client to develop the story and leave ultimate decisions on the course of the story up to the client. I am the pen and muse, but they are the master author.

If you’re a client seeking a ghostwriter, please let me know. I can write White Papers for you if that is what you need or a novel. I really love writing fiction, so if you have a series you want written to sell on Amazon, I’m your ghostwriter. Contact me, and we can talk more. Feel free to check out my gigs. I charge Five dollars for every 500 words on manuscripts, and Five dollars for every 200 words for White Papers. All rights are yours. Your confidentiality is a hundred percent secure.

I’m the pen, you’re the name :slight_smile:

I look forward to talking to you and thank you so much for taking the time to read my post.

Are you able to write course materials with test questions?

Sure! We can talk more on what kind of course you have, what kind of info I’d need to write on. I can write anything you need. Feel free to send me a message on the details :slight_smile: