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Not sure where to put this. Trying to come up with a character/mascot and a new logo for our children’s ministry at Church, I don’t have a huge budget, $100 is about the most I can spend, but I’m not sure how to narrow down my search. Any ideas?


With a budget of $100 I am sure you’ll be able to find many designers/illustrators who are willing to do the job ( including myself, so please feel free to check out my illustration gig :smiley: ) but yes, there are many sellers out there so it is hard to pick one. Just type in logo/character/mascot, scroll down and look at the seller’s styles and samples. I’m sure you will find a style you will like. If you can’t chose, maybe pick the top 5~10 favorites, and ask your church members for their opinions? good luck!

Hi, here you can take a look to my work, just in case.


Order it here -

New to this and not computer savy. I am unsure if the flyer examples I posted uploaded and well as the logo I would like to be used on my flyer order. How can I see the full conversation with the Gig as well as the attachments I sent (or did not send)? If I am placing this message in the wrong place, I apologize.