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Looking for help!

Hello My Dear Fiverr Seller Mates!!
I hope you all are fine and having good time on fiverr.
I am professional graphic designer and expert in logo, business card, flyers, letterhead, covers etc and expert in adobe illustrator and photoshop,
i am new here on fiverr and i am looking for someone who show right way to get success on fiverr…
I heard alot about fiverr and i left my job and started working on fiverr but did not get orders.
share your experience with me so then i use your experience and get some sales.

We all build our own success, and we do it in whatever rule-abiding way works best for our end goals. Determine your goals… and then pursue them with passion, determination, and professionalism. We cannot make you successful; you have to do that on your own.

yes i am doing more work on fiverr and i hope fiverr help me as soon as possible

You haven’t done any reviewed work on Fiverr yet. And, from what you wrote, it sounds like you haven’t had any sales either.

I genuinely hope you do find the success that you are looking for, but I fear it may have been unwise for you to quit your regular job in the hopes that you can make it big here in Fiverr. Fiverr is an extremely competitive place, and the categories that you want to do work in are way beyond saturated.

You have a major hill to climb, and your expectations may be way above what you can reach. You may want to find another job until your gigs on Fiverr become profitable.

Never put all of your eggs in one basket.

And always make sure you have a backup plan.

Exactly, ˝Never put all of your eggs in one basket˝.

i like your statement Never put all of your eggs in one basket.@hd_desine create a gig and use your social media for marketing. be online most of your time and you will excel.